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Please note that our nurses only do blood tests that have been requested by GPs.

Urgent Blood Tests

Urgent blood tests are those that have been requested by the GP to be done very quickly. Urgent blood clinics are run every morning Mon - Fri at the surgery for on the day non-routine/chronic conditions blood tests.


Routine Blood Tests

Routine blood test clinics are available every day and can be booked either on-line. See our appointments advice page for information or you can telephoning us or visit reception at the surgery. Routine blood tests are usually medication driven (e.g. every 3 months)  or as a result of a chronic condition review.  Please remember you will normally need to book ahead by at least 2 weeks for routine blood test appointments. If you know that it can sometimes be difficult for you to give blood or for a vein to be found it may be sensible to book a double appointment to ensure the nurse has plenty of time to take your blood test.


Fasting Blood Tests

If you have been asked by the GP/Nurse to book a fasting blood test then it is sensible to book an appointment earlier on in the morning so you can have your breakfast afterwards. No food should be consumed after 6pm and only clear fluids drunk from this time. You will also need to avoid alcohol for 24hrs before your fasting blood test.


Blood Pressure

If you have been asked to check you blood pressure diary we encourage patients to do this using our self-check faciltity. Patients do not need a pre-booked appointment for this but we do ask patients to please check-in and out at the reception desk when you wish to use this facility. 

*The self-check facility is currently not in use due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will update this page when it is available again*

Alternatively, if you have your own blood pressure monitor at home, you could record your readings and complete a Home blood pressure diary and bring this into the surgery so that we can review. If you need to check your blood pressure regularly we do encourage patients to purchase their own blood pressure monitors. These are often available to purchase at most pharmacies.

If you are unable to use our self-check facility or use your own blood pressure monitor then please speak to our Patient Service Advisors to book an appointment with one of our HCAs.