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We always try to give you the best possible service, but there may be times when you feel this has not happened. We hope that most problems can be sorted out quickly and satisfactorily, preferably at the time they arise. If your problem cannot be resolved on the spot and you wish to make a complaint, or you a concern about the service you have received from the doctors or any of the staff working at Honiton Surgery. We would ask you to let us know as soon as possible, ideally within a matter of days. 

Please write to us or use our complaint form, in order to highlight these to the practice management team.

You will then receive a written acknowledgement within three working days confirming that your complaint has been received and is being investigated. The complaints administrator will keep you informed of progress of complaint. You will then receive either a letter of explanation, a verbal response or be invited to discuss matters at a meeting in the practice. You may bring a friend or relative with you to the meeting. We will try to address your concerns fully, provide you with an explanation and discuss any action that may be needed.

Please note that we have to respect our duty of confidentiality to patients and a patient’s written consent will be necessary if the patient in person does not make a complaint themsleves.


If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint please make contact with NHS England who will sign post you on to the next level or you may take your complaint to the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman only has legal powers to investigate certain complaints. You must have received a final response from the Practice before the Ombudsman can look at your complaint and it will generally not look into your complaint if it happened more than 12 months ago, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Making a complaint | Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO)


We would of course love to hear when things go well too. If you have any compliments you would like to tell us about now please visit and leave a comment.