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The NHS App allows you to access a range of NHS services. You can download the NHS App on your phone or tablet. You can also access the same services in a web browser by logging in through the NHS website.

You must be aged 16 or over to use the NHS App. You also need to be registered with a GP surgery in England or the Isle of Man. (For children under 16years old please see below about proxy access) 

Find out more about who can use the NHS App.

Instead of phoning or visiting the surgery to order repeat prescriptions, cancel your appointments - or get your test results - you can now do it all online, and it’s quick, easy and secure. You can also see your patient record. A carer, with your permission, may also do all or some of this on your behalf.



If you use Systmonline you can still access this via their website :


Children registering for online services

Under 16 years old (proxy access) 

If you are a parent or guardian of an under 16 year old and would like access to appointments and ordering medication ONLY, this can be done through your own online account (You will need to be set up for online services yourself)

Please complete form on behalf of patient and provide a copy of the patient’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE (giving evidence of relationship e.g parent. If birth certificate does not show this, then we can accept other relevant paperwork which indicates you are parent/’guardian

16+ years old – Should have sole access. 

Please speak with our registration team if you wish to sign up for proxy access for someone over 16 years.