A new Patient Group was established in 2005. There are quarterly meetings. These provide an opportunity to discuss developments in the surgery and to hear any concerns being voiced by patients to their representatives.

Our Patient Participation Group chair is Mr Tony Priest.

Telephone numbers are listed below for the representatives who are very happy to hear from other patients.

  • Mrs Val Royle - 01404 758915
  • Mrs Serena Sexton - 01404 41362

Alternatively PPG can be contacted by email :

Please do not use this email for complaints or appointment

Honiton Surgery Patient Participation Group Corner

Role of Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The primary role of the Honiton Patient Participation Group is to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of service provided and over time commissioned by their practice.

Members of the PPG will act as a communication channel between the Practice team and the community in order to help patients use facilities to the best advantage and the Practice to implement policies influenced by representative patient views. From time to time the PPG may explore opportunities that may provide improvements of the service to patients.

Patients Views/Contact with the PPG

Currently within the main waiting room of the Practice there is a PPG notice board identifying the patient members of the group, with their photograph and their telephone number. The purpose of this facility is to enable patients to contact members of the PPG to discuss service issues that may require follow up through the Practice and the PPG will carry out this enquiry on behalf of the patient.

It is proposed to extend the patient communication with the PPG by the introduction of an e mail enquiry process. Patients can now contact members of the PPG using the email address

a group member will review the detail and follow up with the Practice on behalf of the patient.

The email enquiry facility is designed to address matters with regard to Practice procedures and services. It will not cover or discuss any personal medical matters; all these issues will remain completely confidential between the patient and the appropriate members of the medical team. Please be aware that any emails may be discussed within the confidential forum of a Patient Participation Group meeting. Please also note that whilst a PPG member can take forward a patient’s concerns, they cannot deal with a complaint – a complaint must be directed through the Honiton Surgery Complaints Procedure.

The PPG try to ensure the views of a good cross section of our patients are represented. By providing your email details we can add them to a contact list that will mean we can contact you by email every now and again to ask you a question or two.

If you are happy to be part of this group please apply to join online.

You can also download the patient representative group form. Please hand in completed form at reception.


Minutes of Patient Participation Group

24/4/18 minutes

16/1/18 minutes

04/12/18 minutes

29/08/19 minutes

15/10/19 minutes

14/01/2020 minutes

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