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The surgery requires 3 working days from receipt of your prescription request to process your prescription. Once processed, your prescription will be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy. The pharmacy may then need additional time to process your prescription too. Please plan for this time when requesting your medication to avoid running out of medication.

How to order your prescription

There are a number of ways you can request a prescription:

  • Return your repeat prescription slip to your pharmacy or surgery.
  • Request your prescription online using your GP practice's online services.
  • Use a third party app that is linked to your GP’s online service such as the NHS App.
  • Provide your request in writing to the surgery.

We do not take repeat prescriptions over the phone.

If you require medication that you have had previously but is not on repeat prescription, please provide a reason why you require this medication again and if possible when you last had this medication.

Over the counter medication

NHS England have made it clear that we do not prescribe over the counter medications.

We do not prescribe Hay fever medication that are included as over the counter medications.

Urgent medication

If you require medication urgently we will only process your request for life-saving medications. Please be aware urgent requests can still take up to 24 hours to process.

If you have forgotten to order your prescription on time you will not be left without treatment:

  • If you are unwell you can make an appointment to see a doctor at the surgery or to ask for a telephone consultation, or when the surgery is closed, contact the out of hours service.
  • If you need medication at weekends or when the surgery is closed your pharmacist can dispense your medication for a few days.
  • If you have recently been to a hospital appointment and your medication has been changed, the hospital doctors should issue you with a prescription for an initial course of the new drug.

Steroid Card

There is a national safety campaign to ensure that people on high dose steroids carry an alert card
We are contacting patients we have identified via text, email or letter. If for any reasons you have problems opening your card via SMS or email you can download copy of letter and card here.

Opioid Prescribing

Opioid Prescription Patient Information Leaflet

More information and resources are available for patients at the live well with pain website.

If you have any queries regarding your opioid medication, please contact the surgery and book an appointment with our Clinical Pharmacist, Ana Rees.