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Digital First



For a medical issue or for booking an appointment Accurx online consultation tool will be available from 7:30am - 3:30pm Monday - Friday. If you complete an online consultation for medical issue before 3:30pm, we aim to contact you on same working day. 

For other queries (for example sick note, results, or prescription requests) the online tool will be available from 8am - 6pm Monday-Friday and we will respond within three working days. 


We have listened to patients about the challenges you are experiencing with regards to increasing need for services, available staff and the length of time queuing on the phones. We believe that Accurx online consultation is the most effective way that we can sustain a safe and accessible service for our patients. Your online consultation will be reviewed, and an appropriate course of action will be taken. This is to ensure that your request is addressed by the right person at the right time, making this a better and more efficient experience for you. 

We appreciate that this is going to be a big change for patients; it’s also going to be a big change for everyone at Honiton Surgery. While we are adjusting to this new system and changes, we would like to ask everyone to please be patient with our staff. Calls may take a little bit longer to begin with, so we encourage anyone who is able to go online to complete an online consultation for themselves to please do so. You can also complete requests on behalf of someone else, such as a child, or someone you care for. Co-operating in this way will free up the phone lines for patients who simply cannot get online to do this themselves. Please be assured that we are continually striving to provide an excellent service despite significant pressures on the whole NHS at this time. We are grateful for any patient feedback, particularly if this allows us to improve our service, but please be aware, we have advised all staff to follow our zero-tolerance policy when faced with inappropriate behaviour or abuse of any kind. 

Digital First Frequently Asked Questions


Please see Accurx website for additional patient support and How to submit an online consultation to your practice 

Videos links:

Patient Guide to Accurx Online Consultations: How to Submit a Medical Request

Patient Guide to Accurx Online Consultations : How to submit an admin request


Health Kiosks

Our new self-check health kiosks are located in the corner of our main waiting area and available to use from 8:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. Patients can perform own checks without clinical supervision or submit some simple lifestyle questionnaires. Readings and information are then instantaneously updated into your medical record and can be immediately viewed by clinicians. The health kiosks allow you to perform simple checks at your own convenience, without making an appointment. You may wish to do your BP before you go in to see clinician or you can come in at your own convenience to use.

What you can do on the health kiosks:-

  • Take your blood pressure
  • Check your height and weight to calculate your BMI
  • Enter information regarding your lifestyle i.e. smoking, alcohol, exercise, ethnicity and diet
  • They are very simple to use and on-screen instructions take you through the process.  However, if you do have difficulty, you can ask a member of the reception team who would be happy to help you.

We kindly ask that patients with mobility difficulties do not use the kiosks.


Surgery Announcement

Due to several changes in our GP Team over the last 24 months and the significant pressures we still face in primary care, we are currently unable to accommodate requests to change your allocated GP, as all of ours GPs list are currently full. We may change your 'usual GP' due to practice and staff developments, we are currently unable to notify patients individually of these changes. Having an allocated GP does not prevent you seeing any other doctor in the practice, please ask reception when booking if you wish to do so.